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Coiled Tubing Services


ORION Energy Services Limited Coiled Tubing Services brings engineered Well Intervention, Remediation and Production Enhancement to a whole new level. Working with our Engineering and Geosciences teams we can help you unlock full potential of your producing or troubled wells.

  1. Field Redevelopment and Marginal Field Development
  2. Production Management and Operations Services
  3. Integrated Project Management Services
  4. Integrated Reservoir Project Services
  5. Well Testing and Well Evaluation Services
  6. Prospect Evaluation and Regional Evaluation
  7. Economics and Reserves Management



Data Management - Realtime Operations Support Services

  • Time and depth viewers wit RT Image options
  • Basic log correlation window for RT and historical data
  • MWD Toolface viewer
  • Time plot / Mud Logger's diplay
  • Survey / Trajectory viewers


Our Project

  • Shebah Red Reservoir


  • Tenoil Integrated Study