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Opuama FDP Studies

Key Challenges:

  1. Rejuvenation of the field 
  2. High water production

NPDC Wire Line and Coil Tubing Services
Key Challenges:

  1. Isolate a reservoir using wireline operation to set a bridge plug.
  2. Squeeze cement into perforations (LS) using coil tubing



Ukpokiti Integrated Field Studies

Key Challenges:

  1. Declining production
  2. Volume discrepancies in the X and Y reservoirs. Production in reservoirs shows that 96% of STOIIP has been produced
  3. Poor injectivity in Y reservoir
  4. Disparities in fluid contact.
  5. Reservoir extent and environment of deposition


NPDC Well Intervention Operation

Key Challenges:

Production Optimization.

•Bottom Survey
•Reservoir Saturation Logging
•Wire line perforation
•Water Shut-off
•Matrix Acidizing
•Thru-Tubing Screen installation


OPL 281 Subsurface Evaluation and Prospectivity Studies

Key Challenges:

• Validate/calculate in-place hydrocarbon volumes.
• Identify prospects and possible upsides within the field
• Rank prospects based on their Probability of Success
• Estimate volumes.


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Our Project

  • Shebah Red Reservoir


  • AGIP Integrated Study(in collaboration with LOJ)